Looking at a forest of data is hard. It’s easier to understand a story. Each journey is the story of one visitor’s experience of your website. They are incredibly useful.

Evaluate your campaigns. Justify your budget. Help your sales folks. Look for conversion opportunities. Read More.

We’re an innovative web startup located in Palo Alto, California.

Navu is a new sister service to Slickstream which offers engagement features like site search and content recommendations for bloggers. Slickstream appears on hundreds of blogging websites and processes hundreds of millions of pageviews per month.

Navu shares the same infrastructure with Slickstream and uses the same embed code and plugins. But Navu is designed particularly with B2B marketing teams in mind.

Navu can be used by anyone who has access to Google Analytics data for their website. But the people we are thinking most about as we put this together are marketing teams in B2B businesses.

Our foundational principle is based on a model of acquire-engage-convert. You acquire new leads when you get them to your website. You engage visitors as they consume content on your site. As engagement grows, visitors are moving down your funnel. You convert a visitor when they become a marketing qualified lead (MQL) — typically when they start to show up in your contacts database.

If this approach makes sense, then Navu is probably for you.

Yes! And there’s no catch. Of course, you should review our terms of service. But we want you to start using journeys without having to worry about paying us. We’re then going to suggest that you add our embed code to your site so you can see all of your journey data. And even that is free. Once we have enough data, we’re probably going to suggest some additional features that we think will help you to increase conversions on your site and that’s where we’re going to ask your team to start paying.

No. We’re very careful with your data. We store and process it securely and we never share it with anyone else. Also, our service runs in the cloud. We have nothing inside your corporate firewall, so we can’t see anything other than the visitor data we get from Google Analytics and/or from visitor data in their browser.

We have a full privacy statement that you should read. But, in short, you have nothing to worry about. We take privacy very seriously — both yours and your customer’s. You own all of the data that we collect and we never share it with anyone else. To the extent you are collecting any sensitive data (such as email addresses) from your customers, then it is up to you to decide how you will conform to privacy regulations. We are your partners in that effort.

You don’t have to. But Google Analytics only collects a subset of the data we need to give you a complete picture of a journey. Also, Google’s quotas limit how much data we can fetch. And we’re eventually going to offer you features that can contribute to the visitor experience and depend on us having our own script on your pages.

It’s easy and quick. It’s very similar to adding Google Analytics to your website. There’s a small embed code to add to the pages on your site. Your website administrator can do it in a minute or two.

And don’t worry. It won’t affect site performance.

When you really look at Journeys, we bet you’ll have ideas on how to increase conversions. But we can see all of your journeys, too, and we can help!

Engagement leads to conversions. We can’t make your content better. But we can make it more accessible. We are able to offer a personalized navigation experience for each different visitor. This is usually a simple banner that is customized based on the visitor’s journey to date. We suggest specific content that we’ve seen tends to work best in that situation. We call this personalized navigation.