Welcome to Navu

Navu is a new service to help marketing teams improve conversions on their websites.

Step 1: Sign in to Navu

It just takes one click.

Step 2: Choose your site from Google Analytics

We’ll list the sites you have available to you in Google Analytics. Pick one and we’ll start pulling visitor data and assembling journeys for you.

Step 3: Review visitor journeys

Within a minute or two, you will have lots of recent journeys to review. You’ll soon see how this can help you understand how people are behaving when they come to your website. Pick one of your campaigns, and look at how some of those visitors who have arrived (or returned) via that campaign behave. Look at the pages they visited, and when they returned later. Look at what they searched for. Look at where they spent their time. See if they converted.

Step 4: Add our embed code to your site

GA gives us an easy way to show you the basics. But you’re going to need more. We can only get a subset of the journeys through GA. And for each journey, there are many things we can’t show you based only on GA data.

So the next step is to add Navu’s embed code onto your site. This is easy. It only takes a minute or two and we have instructions for how to do it. Our embed code is invisible to your visitors and won’t affect site speed or performance.

As soon as you add our embed code, instead of a new batch of journeys once a day, we’ll give you every journey as it happens in near-realtime. And each journey will have more data associated with it. For example, you’ll be able to see details in the journey like email addresses for visitors that fill in a form on your site.

Step 5: Tell us what you count as conversions

Our mission is to help you increase conversions. You decide what constitutes a conversion. Then we can see every journey that you consider a success and those that are not yet successes. We’ll start by helping you separate these so that you can zero in on the journeys with conversions and start evaluating your content and campaigns.

Step 6: Turn on our personalized navigation controls

Next, we want you to let us help you by affecting the journeys. This is where Navu starts to really shine. We believe that a large number of your engaged visitors are open to conversion. But many just don’t realize all of the value you have to offer. Our job is to nudge visitors down your funnel by personalizing their navigational experience on your site. We look at each visitor’s journey at any point and we compare it against all of the similar successful and unsuccessful journeys to your site. On that basis, we figure out in what ways we can help visitors to discover the assets on your site that they want and will lead them toward conversion. There’s a lot more to tell you about how that works when the time comes…

Get started right now by signing into Navu.